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Why Estrada?

Release Date
1/11/2011 12:00 AM

Estrada, functionality that works for you at a price that works for you. Paired with exceptional service offerings, the right choice for you.


Since 1998 Estrada has led the market in making web content easy to create and manage. From the early days of simple text, images and links, Estrada has pioneered delivering web enabled functionality ideally suited to power extranets, intranets and websites.

Estrada is delivered fully configured and ready to go. With many years experience in delivering complex websites Estrada's default configuration is powerful and efficient. With minimal configuration changes all of the functionality you need is immediately available. Reduce your time-line with parallel processes by the web team. Build structure and develop content all while developing and implementing your final layout and design.

The Estrada UI empowers your users to manage content, collaborate on content and publish content all within the confines of a secure management system. User access to content is not only managed at the structure level but also at the content area level within a page. This means a user may have access to less strategic content on a page while an administrator role has full control.

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