A new trend in kids and adults costumes is the adult animal kigurumi. While animal-inspired costumes have been around for some time, this new twist on the original will have kids and adults going gaga over them. The kimono-like onesies are colorful and very unique, and they’re perfect for both girls and boys of all ages.

While these adorable animal onesie kimonos are great cosplay animal costumes for girls, what’s even better is their ability to be used as sleepwear Japanese kigurumi cosplay pajamas. The cute kimonos are available in two solid colors – pink and white – and come with an additional “sneaker” that fits over the top. These adorable sleeping attire can be used as a standalone garment or underneath a cute t-shirt or tank top. They’re especially great because they have a sort of “schoolgirl” vibe, which kids will absolutely adore. It seems like every girl’s dream is to be able to slip into a cute kimono and spend the night on the town, but only girls with cosplay pajamas can do it without getting a crime!

Speaking of girls, the adorable t-shirts with the kimono-like blouses attached are the perfect layering piece. Young girls can wear their pajamas over the t-shirts and easily change from one garment to another. For example, maybe you wear a cute kimono sleeveless top over a plain t-shirt. Then take off your sleeveless top and throw your t-shirt over it.

If you’re the host/hostess of a girls’ retreat, then nothing says “girl” more than an adult animal kimono with matching pants. You can even use them to dress up your pet (if you have one!). Simply slip the kimono over your dress, zip up the pants, and viola! You have a cute, sexy adult animal party invitations.

There are also adult animal kigurumi pillows. The soft, chenille-colored pillows look just like the real thing, except they are machine washable, guaranteed! Imagine being able to turn your pillow into a pillowcase, then turning that pillow into a bedtime reader, and then turning that bookcase into a snuggled up reading lamp. It sounds like something only Sesame Street’s director could create, but this adult animal kigurumi pillow is the real deal.

These adult animal kigurumi gifts are great for any age. The kimono fabric is durable enough to last even when a heavy animal is sleeping on it. And because the kimono fabric is machine washable, it means that there is no hassle when storing your kimono fabric. You’ll love being able to toss the kimono in the washing machine without worrying about damaging it. It’s definitely a super gift idea!