Do you like Underworld?

Two races live in the dark underground world: vampires and werewolves. Both are constantly at war with each other. The underground world is ruled by the vampire tribe, while the werewolf tribe is weak and both are trying to get rid of one.

Selene, a vampire female warrior, dubbed “The Goddess of the Moon” was informed that werewolves had tried to take Michael Star Wars Costumes For Sale Selene is a sensitive Selene, thought there was some dark conspiracy to be that was behind her decision to investigate this issue by herself. However, she was severely injured. She was able to obtain Michael’s help. Selene was able to bring Michael into the vampire territory, but found Michael’s secret when she arrived: Michael is a mixed race of vampires and werewolves. Michael’s mixed bloodline gives him a mysterious power. The werewolves who are his companions attempt to consume his blood Doctor Strange Cosplay Costume The power of the vampire can be defeated. Selene began to fall in love slowly with Michael as they got along. But the two tribes did not let up because of their lovefor each other, and a major battle erupted.

Selene, a lovely female vampire warrior is gorgeous. Selene has steel-like tough eyes that make the werewolf appear sorrowful. In the midst of hatred for the wolf, she dedicated all her efforts to the werewolf because she believed that when she was young, the werewolf killed her family.

Victor who was one of the vampire’s leaders, adopted Selene. Vicker helped Selene live for ever and also taught her to be stronger than the typical vampire. This helped her become independent. Selene’s weapons include two silver bullets that can kill the werewolves. She hardly believes in anyone, and has always believed the wolf will become more powerful and stronger, leading the vampires into extremely dangerous situations.

The special effects in this film are also impressive and continue the excitement of the previous. The most important thing is that you’ll be drawn by the costumes worn by these characters when you look at the poster of the movie.

In the movie, Selene has a black robe with black boots. The coat is made of leather, which gives a sense of expertise to her character.

The movie’s highlight is the fight between the heroine (and the villain) and her enemy. The dress is even cooler.