Are you familiar with Arya?

Arya Stark is among many POV characters from “Song of Ice and Fire” A collection of epic works in the genre of fantasy by American writer George R.R. Martin.

Arya is the daughter of Ed Stark and Duke of Winterfell High Quality Cosplay Costumes She was close to 12 when she entered the fifth round. Active and lively, she is a typical teenager. She does not like the needlework, but she does like the sword. Her father used to call her “Wolf blood”. Compared to several other red-haired and blue-eyed siblings, Arya’s gray-eyed eyes are close to her father and are considered to be like her younger Aunt, Lyanna Stark.

Since childhood, she is an active, adventurous and lively girl who likes to engage in battle and play Doctor Strange Costume Arya frequently refers to her sister as”a “goof” even though she has a decent sibling, Sansa. She wants to learn how to utilize the sword in the race, which terrified Sansa. Jon Snow was supportive of her efforts. Arya’s story showed that she was resourcefuland smart, courageous, and fearless in tough situations.

Arya has a supple, slim physique. Arya is taller than her siblings and has gray hair and a large face and eyes that are gray. When she first began the story, she was generally considered to be general and often mistaken for a boy. Her mother , Catelyn Tully, said at one time that Arya could look very pretty if she dressed up. Duke compares her to her aunt Lyanna Stark.

Arya is left-handed and can move quickly and easily. She learned Braavos’s ” Water Dancer ” swordsmanship and knew how to use a dagger. Harvard, the son who ran the Winterfell’s horse farm was the only one that could ride with ease. Also, she has the cultural stage that only aristocratic children be able to attain, with a great management skill Mathematics is also competent, or at more advanced than Valeria. Bravus could be a second language even though she spoke it with a peculiar accent. She learned Bravus under the guidance and encouragement by a caring individual. She is quick-thinking, curious and logical. She’s a skinchanger (Warg) and can take control of the body of her Direwolf Nymeria in dreams, as well as the cat’s body on the streets of Braavos.

Arya cosplay

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