Are you familiar with Nebula?

American Marvel Comics has Nebula as an anti-hero. She is an interstellar mercenary and pirate. Her personal life and prior experience are little known. She was an Guardian of the Galaxy member who battled Thanos My Dress-Up Darling Cosplay Costume

Nebula is an interstellar pirate that once devastated the world of the Nova Corps – Sandal Star.

Nebula is extremely powerful and can lift between 800 and 25 tons of massive objects. Her muscles are more powerful than the human body’s. This confers her with an advantage over regular people. She excels in the field of leadership, military strategy, Astronomy and space warfare. She is also a highly skilled soldier who is proficient in combat techniques of all kinds Eternals Cosplay Costume The famous Nebula, although she is Thanos the adopted daughter of Thanos, was not just created to remove the endless gloves of Thanos but also to entangle Thanos.

In the 2014 film The Guardians of the Galaxy The Guardians of the Galaxy, she is the foster child of Thanos as well as a Luphomoid. The story claims that she was Ronan’s foster child. Ronan obtained infinite gems to fight Xandar. In the end, she fought Gamora and was defeated. When Gamora proposed to help her, Nebula refused the help of Gamora and cut her hand in order to escape.

The Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was released in 2017. It featured the rescue of Nebula by the Supreme that had tried to steal their batteries. Rocket Raccoon, Groot, as well as others were the ones responsible for Nebula’s capture following the spacecraft crashed into another planet.

Following her release, she aided the predators who resisted Yondu. This led to Yondu’s arrest Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and their subsequent detention. Nebula convinced the predators to let the three go because they had a bounty and Nebula wanted an additional 10. The Gamora was a little girl at the time and she was subjected to torture and was forced to be saved by one of the prey vessels.

She traveled to Ego’s world, tried to take out Gamora but was defeated by Gamora in combat.

The desire of her to kill Gamora was put to rest, and after that, they found an underground cave containing the skeleton wreckage of many children of Ego The two sides reached an unstable alliance.

She joined the fight against Ego and Guardians to defend the universe from Ego’s invasion plan. Gamora was saved by her, and they made peace with their common trauma. Gamora suggested that she stay with the Guardians. However, Nebula decided to go by herself to kill Thanos.

In 2018’s “The Avengers 3: Infinite War”, Nebula attempted to assassinate Thanos but was unsuccessful. She was sent to the spaceship where she was tortured. Gamora gives Thanos the location of the diamonds to save Nebula.

In the end, Nebula managed escape and was able to inform the Guardians of the Galaxy about Titan. The Guardians of the Galaxy were defeated by the Titan. She was able to withstand Thanos’s attack her finger and attempted to help the iron man.

The 2019 movie “The Avengers 4: The Final Battle” shows that Iron Man and Sheldon Cooper were starving as they traveled to Earth. Captain Marvel saved them. The Captain Marvel was discovered and impersonated by herself of the timeline of 2014 on the way to search for endless gems. She then killed himself of the year 2014. Later she joined the Avengers and fought against Thanos. She also participated in the funeral of Iron Man.

Cosplay of Nebula

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