Guilty Crown Cosplay Guide

Shu Ouma is a high school student who has the ability to “Power of the King” which allows him to take items called “Voids” that are possessed by other. The war between GHQ an organisation that is quasi-governmental as well as the Funeral Parlor, a resistance group who seeks to make Japan independent is what Shu finds himself in. As a result, Shu has to deal with the responsibility his talent puts on him and the terrible mystery surrounding his background.

The story was broadcast in 2011 and has been adored by many people Cosplay Sites

Shu Ouma:

Shu Ouma is a 17-year-old actor in Guilty Crown, wears a black uniform.

A socially uninformed person, Shu is a second year high school student and part of the school’s new research in video and images club.His father, Kurosu, an expert on the Apocalypse Virus, is killed during the “Lost Christmas” incident.

Shu’s role in the show begins when he first meets Inori Yuzuriha.However upon arrival, a battle between the GHQ and the Funeral Parlor has begun, making it necessary for Shu to escape while defending the Void Genome. It is at this point that Shu rescues Inori and defends her against the GHQ Endlave which the “Void Genome” is fused to his right arm, which grants him the “Power of the King” that allows him to extract items from a person’s heart Black Widow Cosplay Costume After that event, Gai suggests that Shu join the Funeral Parlor, but Shu declines the suggestion. However, when his fellow classmate, Yahiro Samukawa, sells him to the GHQ, Shu joins the GHQ.

The story closes with Shu defeating Gai and attempting to take all of the Apocalypse Virus into his own hands, but Inori takes it over and lays down her life to fight it.

Inori Yuzuriha:

Inori Yuzuriha, the principal heroine of Guilty Crown, and the 17-year old vocalist of Egoist is Inori Yuzuriha. Her gorgeous figure is presented in her stunning gown.

She is also a part of the “Funeral Parlor” Resistance group. Her Void is an axe. She is Shu’s friend and as the story progresses, she starts to exhibit different kinds of emotions. She then falls in love with Shu. Later it was revealed that she was created as Mana’s vessel Mana by Da’ath. She was then taken by Shu to complete Mana’s resurrection. Shu saved her. After that she displays more erratic behavior, cumulating with her killing two other students and attacking Arisa by the hand. Her arrest is later made by the newly resurrected Gai and Da’ath as she tries to shield Shu.

Inori’s Void is a large sword that looks like the bisento. It can be coupled with other Voids to create different effects. Yu can extract it to make it more wing-like. She also demonstrates the ability to transform into a “monster” mode, in which two blades are extended from her arms and she gains increased speed and strength.

Inori will give Inori her body so Inori can live. Shu is able to live. Inori was able to observe the results of Inori’s sacrifice when Shu attempted to breathe all the Apocalypse Virus.

Gai Tsutsugami

Gai Tsutsugami is a 23-year-old charismatic and charismatic leader of the “Funeral Parlor” resistance group. Gai’s attire perfectly reflects his character.

He hopes to push the revolution to victory with the help of Shu’s “Power of the King”. Shu is charming, but manipulative and leads Funeral Parlor as a fearless leader, who expects only the best from his subordinates. Inori is given the task of stealing the Void Genome to enable him to harness its power from the beginning. However, a conflict between the Anti-Bodies and the Funeral Parlor results in Shu getting the power instead. He attempts to convince Shu to join his organization but fails after using his feelings toward Inori and being detained by the GHQ.

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