What is the best way to cosplay Claude from Final Fantasy?

Claude is an introvert, not speaking and is considered to be inferior. When he was a kid the boy had no chance to get close to the Tiffa he had always liked due to his introverted nature.

After an accident Claude received a caution not to touch Tiffa. The incident made him feel guilty and unprepared to safeguard Tiffa The Flash Cosplay Claude was informed of Sephiroth’s heroic deeds later and he now believes that Sephiroth his idol. He hopes that his day be as memorable as Sephiroth. This idea grew more powerful after Tiffa’s wounds were discovered. He has to be a tough person who is able to defend Tiffa and also to adhere to the water tower’s pledge to the Tiffa. After that, in response to the commission of Tiffa He accepted the employment of “Avalanche”.

His uniqueness lies in his personality Cosplay Halloween Costumes Afraid and aloof, with a sense of inferiority and melancholy. He has gained a lot of fans. the creator of a “silent stream” game character. We all know that the classic works are timeless.

Claude is a person who gives people an inaccessible and uninteresting image. He is fond of saying “no interests” but this is just an illusion that the cells of Genova create. The truth is that Claude is not spiritually an armed warrior. He is extremely passive and covers his own loneliness with an attitude of indifference. He is very vulnerable.

During the AC period, after the battle with Sephiroth and the hero who had saved the world, Claude, built a new fringe close to Midgar and lived there with Tiffa, Marlene, Denzel and orphans. He then operated the “Strife Express” however, because it’s seen two significant people die before himself and can’t do anything, Claude can’t get rid of his deep guilt, and the affliction of Star Marks, he finally took the decision to leave however, with the help of Tiffa and the other friends, Claude was finally no longer confused and joined in the latest battle alongside everyone else.

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