Noragami Aragoto cosplay guide

Hiyori Iki was a typical middle schooler until she was involved in a bus accident when she tried to shield a stranger. After this accident, her soul begins to slip out of her body and she begins to realize that there exist two universes. The Near Shore is where humans and animals reside. The Far Shore is where demons dwell and human souls linger Devil May Cry Costume The soul of her meets Yato, an unknown god, who is not named and does not have a temple.

Yato is determined to make a name for his self out there and will accept 5 yen to help fix Hiyori’s body. Along with Yato’s Regalia -the weapon of the soul of a deceased human and given the name by the god in question -the – Yukine The trio goes through many adventures , struggling with their relationship, identity and pasts.

Let’s have a look what are the wonderful roles.


Yato, a war god is seeking his own shrine. He was once a god of calamity Cosplay Site He is clad in his scarf, tracksuit and speaks of himself as Yato God (Yatogami).

He describes himself as a “delivery god” and frequently writes his phone number in public areas to let people know if someone needs his help. He usually will charge five yen for his services , which is what Japanese people usually give to pray at a shrine. Yato is not a shrewd person and frequently spends his money buying good-luck charms or other scams that claim to bring his happiness. Most people forget Yato because Yato has “abandoned” his status as a god of calamity and has become an omen of peace. Yato is now terrified of being ignored and this leads to athazagoraphobia.

Hiyori Iki

Hiyori is a human girl who is in the high school’s first-year (10th grade). Her uniform is pink.

After the rescue of Yato from a crash on the bus, she becomes half-phantom, and involuntarily falls asleep due to her soul falling out of her body. Yato wants to assist her in getting out of the gap between the afterlife as well as the physical world. She begins spending more time with him and she gets more close to him, until she is able to recognize him by his scent. Despite it being her best chance to get back to normal, Hiyori refuses to have her ties to Yato cut as it could mean that she’ll lose Yato. There is a hint that she is in love with Yato, as she feels at times jealous when he nearly drunkenly kisses Bishamon whom she calls the God of War. Hiyori is a sister to Yukine and is a mentor to him whenever the latter shows a passion for to learn. Hikyori is the protagonist and the voice of narration in this story especially in the manga.


Yukine is Yato’s current Regalia. The blonde has yellow hair, and a cute cap.

His Regalia name is “Sekki” . His Regalia form is the Katana. His death at the tender age of 18 meant that Yato was unable to lead the normal teenage life. Every time he makes a mistake in any way, Yato suffers injuries. Yukine is Yato’s keeper, but does not respect Yato as much as Yato really does. After being saved and having an ablution treatment, Yukine grows more loyal and loyal to Yato and wants to become a Regalia. Yukine, like Yato loves Hiyori and is concerned that Hiyori will forget about them as she grows older. Yukine develops into a Blessed Vein when the Holy Vessel rescues Yato from death by attesting to his loyalty to Yato and adopts the shape of twin katanas.

Cosplaying as comic characters is possible when you enjoy the show. There are many costumes on offer, Noragami Aragoto costume shop including the protagonist’s costumes as well as kimono, Bishamon’s costume and kimono.