Titans Robinor Dick Grayson Costume

Titans is a superhero team that is part of DC Comics in the United States which is primarily comprised of the former Teen Titans.The Titan first appeared in the American Justice League/Titan Phase 1 (December 1998), made by Devin Grayson and Phil Gimenes.

Titans Robin(or Dick Grayson Costume


Dick Grayson, Nightwing, is a superhero from the American DC comics.He made his debut in “Detective Manga” No Devil May Cry Cosplay 38 (April 1940) and was written by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. It was the very first generation of Robin. He left Gotham City as a teenager to attend college. The police became his profession when he finished his degree. In the course of his career, he participated in the development of the Junior Titan, and as the night wing, continued to fight against criminals and combat crime. After receiving recognition from Batman’s teacher and Batman’s teacher, he joined the Justice League to fight alongside other superheroes What If Costume


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What I was most impressed with is the quality as well as some of the detail of the costume.First,the fabric is made up of: Pineapple composite skin as well as bronze leather single layer, PU leather, satin velvet, black dark black fur, and black stretch lining.It is perfect.Then the costume includes: jumpsuit, cloak, vest belt, vest goggles, gloves, and shoes.

These are a few details. The fabric is very soft, stretchy and airy. It is made according to my measurements. It appears like the gloves are an all-size fit for all. Important item is the mask. The Cape is soft and comfy.

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